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What sort of positions can be found on the Accor Careers site?

Accor mainly offers operational positions such as chef, waiter/waitress, receptionist, room attendant.
We also recruit in all other hotel and restaurant professions and support professions in the 100 countries in which the Group operates.

See our professions

What background is required to work for Accor: training, experience, qualities?

All our professions are available to everyone, with or without qualifications, and with or without prior experience.
Our priority is to find people capable of working as a team, service orientated, with a desire to progress and satisfy our customers.

See the qualifications / experience required to work for Accor

What opportunities are there in the world?

You can work in one of our 4,800 hotels or head-quarters around the world. You will discover different cultures and add to your experience.
. You need to acquire the relevant working papers (proof to work in the country) and speak the working local language.

See where we operate in the world

What are the advantages of working for Accor?

Discover all the advantages of working for Accor

See our commitments

How does Accor’s recruitment process work?

Accor does not have a centralised recruitment department.
Each hotel or department manager, in hotels and other activities, manages their recruitments directly.

See our recruitment process

What is the best way to apply for a job with Accor?

The best way to apply for a job with Accor is to answer a job offer on the Accor Careers site.
However, if no offer corresponds to your profile, you can leave a spontaneous application on our web site.
It will be integrated in our data base and be accessible to all the Group’s recruiters. Your profile will be highly visible.

See our guidelines for applying

Meet with us:

In many countries, Accor has partnerships with the Ministries for education, training and employment, various Hotel or Business schools, and is present at a lot of recruitment forums.

What is the Group’s Diversity policy?

Accor has been working towards diversity and equal opportunities for many years...

See our Diversity policy

What is the Group’s Sustainable Development policy?

As an international company, respecting the environment and local cultures is an essential part of our Group’s operations.

See our Sustainable Development policy

Job Offers

Look for a job offer

In addition to a search by profession, geographical area and/or brand, you can also use key words in your search.
The words can be qualifications, job titles, functions or hotel names and must be entered in lower case letters.

Receive job and traineeship offers by e-mail

Create an e-mail alert by selecting your search criteria.
You can also create a job search agent in your personalised candidate space and check out the offers corresponding to your search criteria, without necessarily receiving them by e-mail.

Change my search criteria

At any time you can display your profile by connecting to your personalised candidate section and change the information you have entered.

Stop receiving job alerts by e-mail

Connect to your candidate section and deactivate the job alert.


I get an error message on the site

In general, deleting the temporary files and cookies and deleting browsing history should solve the problem.

Follow these steps:
1. Close all open applications
2. Open a navigation window
3. Choose «Internet Options»
4. Delete temporary files and cookies and delete your browsing history
5. Confirm and start again

If your problems persist on the site, contact the Webmaster via the ‘Contact’ page.

I am having problems that prevent me from submitting an application

Used browser
The system is optimised for Internet Explorer 8.To be able to submit your application, it is preferable to have this version. However, if it is not possible and a recurring problem appears, we advise you to contact the Webmaster of the site from the Contact page.

Free fields
If you are typing your resume, there is a limit to the number of characters allowed. The formats for dates and phone numbers are indicated beside the relevant fields.
The obligatory fields are indicated by an asterisk.

For the CV like the motivation letter, check the compatibility of the imposed file: in DOC, DOCX, TXT, PDF, RTF; within 500Ko.

I have lost/forgotten my candidate login details

Follow the procedures for retrieving your login and password as indicated in the identification section of the site. You will receive your details by e-mail.

I am an Accor employee, my login does not work on the website

Your account has been created on the intranet at your place of work does not identify yourself on the website and vice versa.
As an Accor employee, you should consult the site from your workplace to have access to internal deals.

I am an Accor employee, I can not see all job vacancies from Accor

If you connect via the web site you will not have access to positions reserved for employees.
You can connect through an Intranet access in your work place.
Create your personal account to have access to all internal and external job offers. A web account will not allow you to access Accor Careers via the Intranet.

I see a suspicious offer on another web site or receive a strange offer by e-mail

It is possible that you find fraudulent offers on internet sites. You may also receive a suspicious e-mail with a fake address, supposedly coming from Accor or one of its brands.

These offers promise you contracts and work permits in exchange for you paying money to have your application taken into account.
These messages often ask the candidate to supply personal information such as their bank details, or to complete forms for visa applications. They may also ask you to contact immigration agents, bank employees, travel agents, courier services or legal representatives.

Protect yourself! Never send money to anyone in relation to the recruitment process for a position in our Group.

There is no connection between Accor and the fraudulent job offers, web sites or the people sending these messages.
Our names and brands are used without our permission.

If you think you have received a fake offer, we recommend the following:
Keep traces of all information, including the e-mail or letter containing the fake job offer.
Do not answer this e-mail or letter.
Do not send any money or provide any personal or financial information.
Inform us via the ‘Contact’ section.

If you would like more information on the positions available in Accor and its hotels, check out the Accor Careers website and follow the guidelines.