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Natural Entertainers
Dedicated to offering traditional Turkish hospitality and a unique spa experience in the finest surroundings and a luxurious ambience. Rixos provides an outstanding resort experience with professional entertainment and sports. At Rixos, the all-inclusive is all exclusive.

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Key figures

  • 23 hotels
  • 8,244 rooms
  • 7 countries

at 02/21/2019


“We, Rixos talent, are proud of our brand. Natural Entertainers, we aim to make our guests live in the moment and turn any interaction into unforgettable experiences. Rebels at Heart, We refuse to conform our thinking to traditional expectations. We are people who constantly challenge the status quo. Entrepreneur-minded, We take calculated risks through employing out-of-the-box approaches. Innovative, We strive to move beyond convention and challenge traditional thinking. Joining Rixos Hotels will give you the opportunity to gain international experience while developing expertise and leadership through Personal Development & Leadership Trainings”.

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