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Novotel, marca hotelera de media gama del grupo Accor, propone cerca de 496 hoteles y resorts en 58 países, situados en el centro de ciudades internacionales, en lugares de negocio y destinos turísticos .

A través de una oferta homogénea, Novotel contribuye al bien estar del cliente de negocio y ocio : habitaciones espaciosas y modulables, restauración equilibrada 24h/24, salas de reuniones, personal atento, espacio dedicados a los niños y gimnasio.
Los hoteles Novotel son también actores principales del desarrollo sostenible participando en el programa de certificación mundial Green Globe.

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cifras claves

  • 526 hoteles
  • 103 105 habitaciones
  • 60 países

at 07/26/2018

31 ofertas correspondientes a esta marca

Testimony of Anna Irmer

Testimony of Anna Irmer

Receptionist at the Novotel Berlin Am Tiergarten and currently in immersion for one year at the Novotel London Waterloo to accelerate her career.

I joined the group being receptionist at the Novotel Berlin Am Tiergarten. My manager knew that I wanted to work in an English-speaking country to improve my English and broaden my opportunities. So he spoke to me about the Globe trotter program.

I grabbed the opportunity to join the pilot program Novotel launched on August 1, and now I preside over the front desk at the Novotel London Waterloo.

Globe Trotter is a two-year program, with one year spent working in Novotel abroad. The program acts as a career accelerator, because I should be able to apply for a team management position as early as next fall.

At first, everything-the country, the language, the culture-was new. It was stressful. But Accor took care of my arrival and I was able to take my time to find a flat so I could concentrate fully on my work.

I have to adapt to other ways of working, and in addition I am learning new tasks, those of a front office team leader: I have access to the safe, I manage group outings, etc. I had to learn all the specific hotel vocabulary. Fortunately, my colleagues, who come from all over Europe, have really helped.

I will return to the Novotel Berlin Am Tiergarten. I will then spend another two months there before thinking about managerial positions that Novotel could offer me.

What is great about this program is that in one year I learn as much as in two or three years in a traditional position!

At Novotel, we grow faster

Feel fully responsible, be autonomous, adaptable, professional, have a love of adventure and a desire to stretch your limits: that’s the Novotel spirit.
An international brand with a network of 400 hotels in 60 countries, Novotel’s success is due to the professionalism and enthusiasm of its 30 000 employees who have been embodying the brand’s ideals for over 40 years.

DNA of the brand, innovation is at the heart of the promise made to employees: “At Novotel, we grow faster”. To transform this promise into reality, Novotel has implemented a unique human resources policy declined around five main professional career paths. Novotel accompanies each employee throughout their career. Integration, geographic mobility, bridging provision, skills development… everyone is given the opportunity to progress quickly and go further. Impossible is not Novotel.

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