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Launched in 2007, Pullman has invented a new approach to international hospitality and created a new kind of in-style and vibrant hotel aimed at a modern and cosmopolitan clientele.

Pullman presents a unique upscale hospitality culture, featuring a natural and open relationship between guests and employees, new restaurant and catering concepts, re-designed spaces, seamless connectivity, and a definite “design” identity.

In tune with the times and the trends, Pullman has combined the needs of business and leisure travellers and proposes a BLeisure (Business & Leisure) solution which erases the boundary between work and relaxation.

When you enter a Pullman hotel, you move into a world where interaction with others becomes natural. Guests are welcomed, accompanied and pampered with the utmost care and attention. Pullman hotels are vibrant places, where an atmosphere of good humour reigns.

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Key figures

  • 131 hotels
  • 38,563 rooms
  • 39 countries

at 02/21/2019

38 vacancies corresponding to this brand

Anne-Sophie Lenoir – Quality & Attitude Manager at the Pullman Bercy

Anne-Sophie Lenoir – Quality & Attitude Manager at the Pullman Bercy

The Quality & Attitude Manager has a cross-departmental role in ensuring that guests are satisfied throughout the whole of their stay in the hotel.

Guarantor of the attitude displayed by staff, of the context and welcome offered to guests, of the identity of the brand and the products, the Quality & Attitude Manager works with the teams to implement the hotel’s quality project, and provides service attitudes training for employees in collaboration with the Human Resources Manager.

At Pullman, quality improvement is a proactive and continuous process. The aim is to make the guest experience a key element of the corporate culture to which employees are committed and who thus all play a role, each at their own level, in improving guest satisfaction.

Pullman and its talent community

The Pullman promise is built around its three values: commitment, adaptability and creativity, and these are orchestrated throughout the hotel by a specific human resources and management policy:

• Body & Soul, the service attitudes model developed by Pullman

• Welcomer, Quality & Attitude Manager, Event Manager - some of the new Pullman professions

• A Pullman “school” of leadership, focusing on creativity.

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